The Mission Statement: The SMART Goal Exercise

Writing a Mission Statement is like writing a poem, it speaks from the heart. In order to get started, it helps to have an idea of where you want to end up and what direction you wish to take. If you are fuzzy on the details. start with a big vision or a feeling, and narrow it down to a short sentence. To give your mission statement practical value, you can apply it to your daily life by giving it a set of values know as the "SMART" goal.

This technique is effective at the individual level for reaching personal milestones and at the group level for making sure everyone is on the same page and working together.

Let's get started on bringing your SMART Goal into reality.

SMART goals are a way to make sure you do things well the first time around - by creating a clear vision of what you are working on.


The Five Criteria for a SMART goal:

- Specific: you understand exactly what you are doing

- Measurable: you can track your progress

- Attainable: your goal is an achievement

- Realistic: you believe you can reach your goal

- Timely: you have a deadline


For this exercise, first, take 5 minutes to focus on a BIG (long-term) goal of yours, and then think of a goal you can achieve in the next 3 months (short-term) that helps you work towards your big goal.

Second, take 5 minutes to write down both your long- and short-term goals in 30 words or fewer for each goal with the following points in mind:

1. Your long term goal is lofty and ideal - your Mission Statement - shoot for the stars!

2. Your short-term goal is achievable and practical - your SMART Goal - something you can work on every day, which includes:

- a date of completion

- a measurable outcome

- a commitment to making it happen "I will"

- you and a witness (your friend) sign it


That's it!



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