The Art of Simplicity

The simple way to do anything is to let your mind follow the universe flowing through you. Let's explore this idea.

First off, we have the human mind and the universe, and the mind is a small dose of the universe. 

Let's assume that the universe is infinitely intelligent. That's a big assumption. The universe (and everything that's in it) follows what we know as the laws of physics, which when applied in certain ways, these laws create thinking feeling mind-body contraptions that we call organic lifeforms, specifically we humans, the Homo sapiens (literally translated, "wise man" - let's leave that up for debate).

Now, let's ask the question, did the human mind create itself?

Depending on how you look at it, yes and no!

Over billions of years of evolution, we have evolved from single-cell organisms with a limited concept of the mind, to humans with the capacity to envision and interact with the collective consciousness. While the mind, consciousness, learning all take place on an individual and group level, we (the people, capable of understanding ideas) did not create Planet Earth or the laws of physics which we rely on for a coherent experience of being alive.

We are just here, somehow floating on this big wet rock in space.

How did we get here? There's a logical answer to that involves the Big Bang, a star going supernova, blasting matter across space, fast forward to early earth, and a few atoms of sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon get struck by lightning until something clicks and ta-da, you get life and the evolution of it. This whole process, which we pretty much have no control over, is what the universe is all about.

That's why, when you take into account the situation we find ourselves in as human beings, that we trust the process of being alive and thriving - that we live simply and let the universe do its job of being awesome.

Nature provides all of our needs. 

Think about all the stuff your body does that you don't have to think about... digesting, turning light into color vision, beating your heart, moving your tongue the proper way when you want to say words. In many ways, it's our job to maintain these automatic processes that ensure our health and survival so that we are able to explore the infinite possibilities of life on earth.

So - when life gets complex and you face problems, in school, work, and relationships - trust yourself to see the simple solution, which is usually the best and fastest, though it may not be the easiest.

Simple is not easy, it's better than that. It's worth it. 


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