Planetary Evolution to the Unified Field of Consciousness


On to pressing matters of a psychedelic nature. we are here to celebrate the unified field of consciousness which is all around us and supports the healing and communication of all beings as one - think of it as spiritual wifi. It is time to transition from the 3D material world to the 5D energetic world of love and unity consciousness. More and more of us will receive "light codes" in the form of synchronicities, solar downloads, dreams and visions and it is our job to pay attention to the messages we receive, which come directly from that energetic field because we are opening up to it.

This field transcends time and space and allows us to perceive the limitless nature of consciousness (which is awesome beyond our ability to comprehend what that even means) through our mind's eye. We are evolving into a heart-centered society that values present actions over past achievements as the chief metric for human effectiveness.

All beings are created equal and this time will begin to reveal that shift in attitude towards compassion and respect. This is nothing new, in fact it is already the basis of friendship and determines the rate of your own personal growth.

Now, it is becoming apparent that our social rules must change in order for our species (as well as all the others) to survive and move to the next stage of evolution. As Jimi Hendrix said, "when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." Let's be here for each other.

Peter Fettis