Unlock Your Full Potential with Lucid Dreaming: An Exercise in Awareness

Dreams play an important role in culture and health. In order to remember your dreams, keep a dream journal by your bed and notice any patterns in your dreams. Lucid dreaming is a state where you become aware while dreaming and you can decide what you want to do in the dream world (first things most people do are fly and have sex).

Once you get over your initial excitement of being lucid, there are many potent long-term benefits of lucid dreaming including:

  • getting over fears

  • solving real world problems

  • having a great time in life


The Lucid Awareness Exercise:

You can practice this exercise daily to improve your performance in life, work and relationships.

First, get a blank notebook, write "Dream Journal" on the cover and keep it by your bedside.

Second, practice reality checks during the day. Count your fingers, in dream world you may have too many fingers. Observe your surroundings and look all around you, in dream world if you turn around it may just be empty space for you to create what you want. The idea is to bring awareness into daily life which transfers into your dream state.

Next, write down all the dreams that you remember (lucid or not). It may take weeks for you to become lucid. Be patient, just being able to remember any dreams is a monumental first step.

Next, write down 3 of the most important fears you want to overcome - see if you can do it in dream state.

Finally, see how you can push the limits of your conscious mind using lucid dreams.


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