Ask This One Question to Simplify Your Life

All you do is ask yourself this one simple question as often as you need.

This QUESTION encompasses health, life, business and evolution:

What is essential?

In other words, what do I need?

"Need" has a biological definition - anything that is essential for continued life.

Food, water, sunlight, air, warmth, and sleep are the main needs of most creatures, with physical activity and social connection following as specific needs of humans.

So when you are faced with a decision - you can ask yourself, do I need this?

Whether you answer "YES!" I need this or "no" I don't need this, question your answer to see what the specific need is that you are meeting before moving forward. Then move forward with full confidence. You can shape an entire lifestyle around meeting your needs.

When your needs are met, you don't go around trying to get things you don't need.

Ask this question to discover what matters most in life to you.

This question will help you simplify your life and help you make decisions big and small.



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Peter Fettis