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During this program’s Individual Sessions, you get guidance in a variety of mindfulness practices derived from yoga science: how to prevent disease, restore health, boost performance and expand awareness through daily practice.

We call this yoga practice autotherapy and most people find it naturally enjoyable. As we allow the thinking mind to release into the direct immersion of the heart, the body and breath unite to become our vehicle for experiencing higher states of consciousness.

Here you get tools and support - remember, you are the only one living your life and it’s up to you to say yes to change as it comes.

To break a stereotype about yoga - it is more than a physical practice - it is an outlook of practicing a holistic, integrative approach to life. (In Sanskrit, the word yoga translates to “union.”) We get into “flow state” (dhyana) to access deep reservoirs of energy within us to create health, wealth and happiness in our lives.


 Peter Fettis, 3EA Teacher & Yoga Instructor

Peter Fettis, 3EA Teacher & Yoga Instructor

As a Registered Yoga Teacher and and Certified Personal Trainer, Peter practices optimizing human potential as a way of life. His latest book How to Eat Well and Love Yourself dives into the practical principles of mindfulness and plant-based nutrition to give you a taste of the abundant harvest from the mind's inner garden of awareness. Peter’s vision is to make waves in the current culture by rallying the wider public to recognize their inner healing power using a proactive, gentle approach. Read Peter’s Full Bio >>>



You can reach your goals by entering the mindset of success. Ask and it is given. Where ever you are in your life, it's perfect the way it is and it's the best place to start.

Here you receive guidance on how to approach your problems with an open, creative mind to help you take the most efficient route to your goal - whether that's starting a business, maximizing your energy or having a peaceful mind.

The program works in 12 week segments and depending on your goals, you may continue for multiple sessions. Here's what makes the Individual Essentials Program stands out:

  • Online Performance Review to streamline your direction and goals

  • Step-by-Step Instructions to bring higher awareness into your life

  • Meditation Practice to keep you calm and focused

  • Therapeutic Yoga to start your day with a smile

  • Nutrition Principles for wellness and beyond

  • Affirmation and Visualization Exercises to build confidence and trust

  • Innovative Science from the frontlines of consciousness research

  • Constructive Feedback to help you stay motivated and on track

  • 12-Week Program timescale driven to achieve realistic, high-value results

  • Sliding-Scale Payment to meet your desired ability to give

  • Q&A Support for your most pressing questions

  • Community Social Group for ongoing conversation and companionship

  • Custom Sessions tailored to your needs

  • Lifetime Access to Wellness Pro Online Course

  • Timeless Experience of personal transformation

Available Individual/Group Sessions

  • Wellness & Nutrition Assessment (by phone/videochat or in-person)

  • Therapeutic Yoga & Meditation (by phone/videochat or in-person)

  • Reiki, Sound Therapy & Creative Visualization (by phone/videochat or in-person)

  • Nature Immersion Experience & Fire Ceremony (for Vision Quests, see Retreats) (in-person only)

Ask about our Intro Package Offers to find the program that’s right for you.

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The information provided to you during your call is for education only and should not be considered medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice or to work with a therapist, please email peter@thirdeyealliance.com. By enrolling in this program, you are actively contributing to Third Eye Alliance’s mission and the consciousness movement. That means funding research into states of consciousness, changing the cultural conversation around yoga and mindfulness, and helping us avoid advertising to remain 100% community supported.