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  1. Yoga + Meditation + Ayurveda

  2. Fitness + Body

  3. Productivity

  4. Food + Nutrition

  5. Autoimmune + Thyroid

  6. Medical Cannabis

  7. Psychedelics + Culture

  8. Money + Jobs

  9. Relationships

  10. Sex + Intimacy

  11. Sleep + Lucid Dreaming

  12. Travel + Language Learning

  13. Networks

  14. Apps


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1. Yoga+Meditation+Ayurveda

  1. How to Engage In Living Meditation (Dharma)

  2. Experiencing Higher Consciousness

  3. Happiness and Meditation

  4. The Eight Limbs of Yoga

  5. On Meditation and Activism in the Modern World

  6. The Social Value of Awe and Wonder

  7. Mind-Body Wellness Reduces External Healthcare Needs

  8. Free Vedic Astrology Chart Reading

  9. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  10. Sacred Blessing

  11. How Health Works According to Yoga

  12. Mediation and Time Management

  13. Self-Realization Guided Meditations

  14. Overcome Obstacles to Meditation

  15. List of Cognitive Biases

  16. Ayurvedic Morning Routine

  17. How to Do a Detox Retreat (Panchakarma) at Home

  18. Global Healing Technique

  19. Personalized Health (Dosha) Test

  20. The Biological Science of Chakras

  21. Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya

  22. Increase Focus and Energy with the Root Lock (Mula Bandha)

  23. Ayurvedic Herbs (Medical Uses)

  24. How to Eat like a Yogi (Sattwic)

  25. Spiritual Nutrition and Raw Food (Prana)

  26. 3-Day Fasting Triggers Stem Cells and Immune Restoration

  27. Life Skills to Manage Your Energy (Ojas)

  28. Sacred Geometry of Shapes (Sri Yantra Triangles)

  29. Sacred Geometry of Sound (Sound Temples)

  30. Sacred Geometry of DNA

  31. Introduction to Vipassana Meditation

  32. Introduction to Tai Chi

  33. How to Develop Your Intuition

  34. What It Means to Be an Old Soul

  35. The Science of Human Biophotons (Light Energy)

  36. Measuring Human Biophotons (Light Energy)

  37. The Point of Magnetic Fields in the Body

  38. A Message from the Arcturians (Planetary Evolution)

  39. Sacred Geometry and Fractal Science

  40. The Akashic Records

  41. The Psychic Readings of Edgar Cayce

  42. Learn to Lucid Dream

  43. Mystical Herbs for Lucid Dreaming

  44. Protecting Yourself from EMFs (Wifi/Phones)

  45. Tech Wellness (SaferTech)

  46. Meditation in the Modern World (Buddhist Geeks)

  47. Wisdom Library (Free Ancient Sacred Texts)

2. Fitness+Body

  1. How to Use Scientific Evidence in Fitness

  2. Taking Long Walks like Da Vinci, Einstein and Steve Jobs

  3. How to Get Your Glutes to Fire

  4. Correcting Forward Head Posture

  5. Fitness and Nutrition for Mental Wellness

  6. Cultural Squatting Instead of Sitting to Heal Your Spine

  7. Knee Safety for Proper Squatting

  8. Two Natural Ways to Burn Fat (Fasting + Cold Showers)

  9. Naturally Biohacking Testosterone

  10. Just Dance

  11. Habits to Boost Your Mitochondria

  12. Making Excellence Your Daily Routine

  13. The Five Fitness Benchmarks for Human Survival

  14. The Seven Basic Human Movements

  15. The Nine Essential Free Weight Exercises + Plan

  16. A Simple Guide to Gaining Muscle Mass

  17. The 5x5 Method (For Building Strength, Not Mass)

  18. Reduce Injury and Increase Strength Using the "Root Lock"

  19. Detailed Specifics on Applying the "Root Lock"

  20. Reduce Injury when Running

  21. What It Means When Your Joints Pop

  22. Exercises to Correct Pronated (Flat) Feet

  23. Release Blocks with Feldenkrais Method

  24. Playground Workouts

  25. Benefits of Jumping, Bouncing and Trampolines

  26. Ginastica Natural (Calisthenics)

  27. Foundation Training for Back Pain

  28. Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Explained

  29. 3D Detailed Human Anatomy Program

  30. How to Increase Hip Stability to Lift Heavy (Activate TFL and IT Band)

  31. How to Squat Better (Correcting the Back Arch)

  32. Rework Your Training Program to Reduce Burnout

  33. Fasting for Recovery

  34. Human Biomechanics In-Depth (Breaking Muscle)

3. Productivity

  1. Get Smart and Go On a Nature Walk

  2. Learn to Stop Consuming and Start Producing

  3. Setting Up a Flexible Strategy

  4. Defeat Procrastination Once and For All

  5. Study Hacks

  6. Pareto Principle (The 80/20 Rule)

  7. How to Decompress after High Stress

  8. The Dalai Lama's Daily Routine and Information Diet

  9. Busyness Is a Kind of Debt

  10. How to Hack Your Flow State

  11. How to Let Go When You Feel Like a Control Freak

  12. A Game to Increase Your Short-Term Memory

  13. Creating Resilient Teams

  14. Learn to Visualize Your Thoughts with Mindmaps

  15. How to Learn a Language in Three Months

  16. The Ancient Art of Building Memory Palaces

  17. Be More Productive with Task Automation

  18. 10 Ways to Share Your Work and Get Discovered

  19. Processing and Planning Your Vision

  20. Reduce Screen Time to Protect Your Brain

  21. Use Bright Natural Light For Focus

  22. Safeguard Yourself from Procrastination

  23. Eliminate Interruptions to Increase Performance Episodes

  24. Resist Urgent Tasks and Focus on Importance

  25. How to Get Up Early

  26. Hacking Creativity with Multiple Perspectives

  27. Give Your Memory a Tune-Up

  28. How to Set Goals that Work

  29. 100 Blocks a Day (Time Experiment)

  30. Taking Initiative (The Key to Success)

  31. How to Move Through Fear

  32. The Compound Effect of Consistent Effort

  33. Making Habits Stick

  34. 30 Points for Accelerated Learning

  35. Creating Motivation for Long-Term Commitments

  36. Engineering Habit Change

  37. Productivity In-Depth (4 Hour Work Week)

  38. Daily Updates in Science Research in Performance (Ergo-Log)

  39. Practices for Mastering Discipline

4. Food+Nutrition

  1. Eating Organic on a Budget

  2. Reasons to Grow Your Own Food

  3. Resources for Starting a Permaculture Garden

  4. Acid-Alkaline Food Chart

  5. Simple Guide to Anti-Inflammatory Foods

  6. How to Get the Most Nutrients From Your Foods (Food Prep and Combinations)

  7. The Story of Dirt and How It Makes Our Food (Heart and Soil)

  8. Basics of Organic Gardening

  9. World's Healthiest Foods (With Detailed Nutrients)

  10. Plant-Based Protein Chart

  11. Benefits of Lemon Water

  12. Food Allergy Pyramid (Based on Blood Type)

  13. Open Your Third Eye and Detox Your Body

  14. Plant-Based: Paleo According to Evolutionary Biology

  15. The Science of Restoring Mitochondria to Reverse Disease (Whole Food/Alkaline/Ketogenic Diet+Oxygen Therapy)

  16. Healing Arthritis with Boron

  17. Gerson Therapy for Chronic Illness

  18. The Specifics of Mastering Nutritional Ketosis

  19. Troubleshooting: Cholesterol, Energy Levels and Nutritional Ketosis

  20. How to Do a Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

  21. The Cholesterol Myth Debugged

  22. Getting Resistant Starch from Whole Foods (Green Bananas)

  23. Remove High-Lectin Foods for Immune Health (For Leaky Gut)

  24. Understanding Phytic Acid (For Leaky Gut)

  25. The Science of Sprouting Nutrition

  26. Up Your Antioxidants with Glutathione Foods

  27. Food Combining for Iron Absorption (Add Vitamin C)

  28. Nutrigenomics: The Gene-Food Interface (White Paper)

  29. The Environmental Effect of What You Eat (White Paper)

  30. The Science of "Breatharians" (People Who Don't Need Food)

  31. Sun Gazing for Energy and Healing

  32. Autophagy: The True Detox Exercise (Fasting)

  33. Common Edible Wild Plants

  34. Herbal Adaptogens List (For Stress Relief)

  35. Research Shows Turmeric Is As Effective As 14 Prescription Drugs

  36. Medical Uses of Herbs

  37. Mountain Rose Herbs (Organic, Bulk Deals)

  38. Human Biochemistry In-Depth (Found My Fitness)

  39. Organic Food Delivery for $3 (Brandless)

5. Autoimmune+Thyroid

  1. Guide to Reversing Thyroid Symptoms

  2. Treating Thyroid Naturally

  3. Cruciferous Veggies and Thyroid (You Can Eat Them, Especially Broccoli Sprouts)

  4. Immunomodulating (Autoimmune) Herbs

  5. Fasting to Reverse Autoimmune Conditions

  6. Glutathione Recycling for Healing Autoimmune

  7. Stem Cell Therapy for Thyroid

  8. Thyroid (Lymph Drainage) Self-Massage

  9. Effects of Sugar on Hormones

  10. Reverse Thyroid Autoimmune (Hashimoto's Case Study)

  11. Immune Balancing for Autoimmune Thyroid

  12. Brazil Nuts (Selenium) for Thyroid Hormone (T4/T3) Conversion

  13. Heal Your Gut to Reverse Autoimmune Conditions

  14. Nutritional Ketosis and Vitamin C Therapy for Thyroid

  15. Thyroid According to Ayurveda

  16. Yoga for Thyroid

  17. Thyroid Balancing with Yoga in Detail (Yoga International)

  18. Thyroid According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (White Paper)

  19. Herbal Botanicals for Thyroid (White Paper)

  20. Cannabis Therapy for Autoimmunity+Thyroid

6. Medical Cannabis

  1. History of Cannabis (Marijuana) in India

  2. 478 Research Articles on Benefits and Applications of Cannabis

  3. Finding Your Proper Cannabis Dosage (Personalized Medicine)

  4. How to Grow Your Own Medical Cannabis

  5. Cannabis in the Body (Endocannabinoid System)

  6. Cannabis Therapy (CBD) for 53 Medical Conditions

  7. Types of Cannabis Therapy

  8. Nutritional Benefits of Raw Cannabis

  9. Cannabis Massage Lotion (Topicals) Does Not Enter the Blood Stream

  10. Cannabis Misconceptions

  11. It's Just A Plant: A Short Story

7. Psychedelics+Entheogens

  1. Fasting to Prepare for Your Vision Quest

  2. Tough Lessons Learned from Ayahuasca

  3. Benefits of Microdosing with LSD and Psilocybin

  4. A Review of Studies on Psychedelics for Mental Healthcare

  5. Early Research on DMT from 1956

  6. Vilca: Ancient Amazonian Entheogen

  7. Salema Porgy: A Hallucinogenic Fish for Ancient Romans

  8. History, Effects and Uses of Psilocybin

  9. Replacing Antidepressants with Psychedelics

  10. Psychedelics in the Age of Intelligent Machines

  11. Why Many Psychedelics Are Currently Illegal

  12. Psychedelics Reduce Fear of Death

  13. A Skeptic's Guide to Psychedelics

  14. Global Initiative on Drug Policy Reform (Beckley/Oxford)

  15. Erowid Library of Spiritual Psychedelics (Entheogens)

  16. Infinite Zooming Art (Arkadia)

  17. The Psychedelic Beginnings of Yoga

8. Money+Jobs

  1. A Guide to Financial Literacy

  2. Leap (AI-Powered Job Search)

  3. Indeed Job Search

  4. LinkedIn Resume Builder

  5. How Blockchain Works (Guides)

  6. Play Games to Find a Job Match

  7. Working Nomads Remote Jobs

  8. Accounting Basics (Balance Sheets)

  9. How to Switch Careers with Minimal Experience

  10. Cryptocurrency and the History of Money

  11. Why Trust Is One of the Most Valuable Resources

  12. Giftivism: Reclaiming the Priceless

  13. Focus On Creating Abundance to Attract Wealth

  14. Stay Calm About Your Money Situation

  15. Upwork (Virtual Freelance Employment)

  16. How to Find Clients as a Freelancer

  17. Save Money Without Budgeting

  18. Getting Rich with Mother Nature

  19. How to Ask for What You Need

  20. Economics for Everyone

9. Relationships

  1. Learning to Listen

  2. Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

  3. Be with the Pain: It's Here to Teach You

  4. Art Therapy for Discovering Yourself

  5. Emotional First Aid: Overcoming Loneliness

  6. Create Happiness from Giving

  7. Convincing Family and Friends to Lose Weight

  8. The Science of Feeling with Your Heart

  9. The Most Valuable Personality Trait

  10. 50 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Yourself

  11. Overcome Fear to Keep Learning

  12. Be a Love Magnet by Being Better Everyday

  13. Boyz 2 Men: Rites of Passage in Modern Culture

  14. How to Choose Happiness

  15. The Secrets of Lasting Happiness

  16. Reexamine Your Life

  17. The Empath's Survival Guide (Psychology Today)

  18. The Connection Between You and What Happens to You (Alan Watts)

10. Sex+Intimacy

  1. The Nature Inspired Ecosexual Awakening

  2. The Applied Science of Flirting

  3. How and When to Use Seduction

  4. The Ancient Egyptian Sex Practice to Raise Consciousness (Ankh)

  5. Massage and Sound Therapy to Release Sexual Blocks

  6. Tantra and Kundalini Energy in a Nutshell

  7. Ladies: How to Have Full Body Orgasms

  8. Guys: How to Have Multiple Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms

  9. Yoga Poses for Premature Ejaculation and ED

  10. Acupressure for Healthy Emotions and Libido

  11. Yoga Kegels to Strengthen PC Muscles (Mula Bandha) for Sexual Stamina

  12. Massaging the PC Muscles

  13. Using Self-Control (Brahmacharya)

  14. Using Native Stem Cells for Infertile Couples and Engineering the Perfect Baby (yikes!)

  15. Orgasmic Meditation

  16. The Art of Cuddling

11. Sleep+Lucid Dreaming

  1. The Art and Science of Optimal Sleep

  2. Dream Therapy for Health and Happiness

  3. Guiding Your Mind to Creative Discovery Before and After Sleep

  4. How to Sleep like a Yogi

  5. The Act of Dream Yoga

  6. A Prayer for World Healing

  7. Positive Affirmations for Lucid Dreaming

  8. Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming: MILD Technique

  9. Wake Back To Bed for Lucid Dreaming: WBTB Technique

  10. Lucid Dreaming FAQ

  11. Spirit Science for Astral Projection

  12. Find Your Off Button for Rest and Recovery

  13. Ayurvedic Treatment for Insomnia

  14. Lucid Dreaming for Self-Realization

  15. Herbs for Dreaming

  16. Ten Dreams that Changed the World

12. Travel+Language Learning

  1. The Art of Non-Conformity (Hacking Travel Miles)

  2. Teach English Abroad (TEFL)

  3. Short-Term Adventure Jobs

  4. One Bag Travel (How to Pack)

  5. World's Best Festivals

  6. Volunteer on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

  7. Volunteer at Homes, Lodges and Farms (WorkAway)

  8. Stay with Locals for Free (Couchsurfing)

  9. Top Travel Jobs

  10. Index of the World's Written Languages

  11. 12 Rules for Learning a Foreign Language in Record Time

  12. Memory Major System

  13. Free Language Learning Resources (Fluent Forever)

  14. Huge Travel Resource Page (Vagabonding)

13. Networks

  1. NuMundo (Transformational Experiences)

  2. Ecstatic Dance Worldwide

  3. BookYogaRetreats

  4. Ananda Centers

  5. High Existence

  6. Intentional Communities Directory (Sustainable Living Ecovillages)

  7. Memory Championships League

  8. Pachamama Alliance (Amazon Treks)

  9. Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

  10. Beckley Foundation (Psychedelic Research)

  11. The International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service (ICEERS)

  12. American Botanical Council (Herbal Medicine)

  13. International College of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine (ICHNFM)

  14. MIT Open Courseware (Free MIT Science Courses)

  15. US National Institutes for Health/PubMed (Free Research)

  16. Food Revolution Network

  17. National Young Farmers Coalition

  18. North American Mycological Association (Wild Mushrooms)

  19. Natural Healers Certification Network (Massage, Yoga Nutrition, Natural Medicine)

  20. Esalen Institute

  21. Omega Institute and Retreats

  22. Sivananda Yoga Centers

  23. Spirit Rock Meditation Center

  24. Ashoka Network (Social Entrepreneurs)

  25. Singularity University Network

  26. Yoga Alliance (Accredited Yoga Schools+Studios)

14. Apps

  1. Google Drive (Cloud File Storage)

  2. Station (The App for Your Apps)

  3. PayPal (Online Payment and Invoices)

  4. GoFundMe (Raise Money)

  5. Freedom (Block Internet Websites Temporarily)

  6. Patreon (Get Sponsored To Create)

  7. Leap (AI-Powered Job Search)

  8. Canva (Free Graphic Design Tool)

  9. Steps (Overcome Social Anxiety)

  10. WolframAlpha (Free Math Engine)

  11. FreeCodeCamp (Learn to Code)

  12. Change (Make a Legal Petition)

  13. Whole Earth Catalog (Access to Tools)

  14. Cron-o-meter (Health+Nutrition Tracker)

  15. Nutritional Ketosis Macronutrient Calculator (Weight-Loss)

  16. Environmental Working Group (Clean Living Thru Knowledge)

  17. Mint (Finance Tracker)

  18. RSA Animate (Education Cartoons)

  19. Organic Food Delivery for $3 (Brandless)

  20. Bandcamp (Sell Your Music)

  21. Wealthfront (Finance Planner)

  22. FancyHands (Virtual Assistant)

  23. Upwork (Virtual Freelance Employment)

  24. (Automatic Meeting Scheduling)

  25. Calendly (Meeting Scheduling with Pre-Set Times)

  26. Zapier (Automate Your Workflows)

  27. Slack (Group Project Communication)

  28. Overdrive (Free Audiobooks)

  29. Instructables (Make Stuff)

  30. Meetup (Make Friends)

  31. (Make Visual Diagrams and Mindmaps)

  32. Duolingo (Language Learning)

  33. Anki (Smart Flashcards for Memory Training)

  34. Dhamma Talks (Mindfulness Talks by Monks)

  35. Headspace (Meditation)


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